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Unraveling Together

Hosted by: Samantha Graber

Unraveling Together is a podcast for women who opt out of the narrative that our best years are behind us and that we are now relegated to the back burner of society. We know our best is before us.

The Unraveling Together Podcast is where we are free to talk about the things "we just don't talk about". Sharing wisdom with those who come after us is a crucial aspect of our personal growth.

Episode 059: “Am I Losing It?” And Other Questions We Ask Ourselves In Perimenopause.


In keeping with the societal script when it comes to experiencing life in a woman’s body, perimenopause is something we just don’t talk about but so desperately need to be talking about as a collective of women. If you’ve been in my ecosystem for longer than a day or two you know that I am…

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Episode 058: Why You Can’t Sleep In Perimenopause And What To Do About It.


Have you ever tossed and turned all night? Frustrating, isn’t it? If it’s a once-in-awhile thing, it’s not all that big a deal. But when one night turns to two. Then three and four, it can set off all the body’s alarms. In turn sending your entire system into panic mode. As if perimenopause wasn’t…

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Episode 057: Leave The C.R.A.P. On The Grocery Store Shelf


If we stop buying it, they’ll stop selling it.   The C.R.A.P. that is.  C = chemicals your grandparents wouldn’t have in their own kitchen.R = refined sugar and grains.A = artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, etc.  P = processed in any way.  We are literally subsidizing our demise as taxpayers.  Our tax dollars support the…

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Episode 056: How Doing Absolutely Nothing Is Everything When It Comes To Jumpstarting Your Sluggish Midlife Metabolism


This week’s focus is on a topic so misunderstood and misused, it is doing more damage than good. And that is a shame because when properly done, intermittent fasting is nothing short of a built-in superpower!    “How Doing Absolutely Nothing Is Everything When It Comes To Jumpstarting Your Sluggish Midlife Metabolism” is the sixth…

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Episode 055: Prioritize Protein To Optimize Hormones (Amongst Other Critical Things)


Have you listened to all the episodes in this 8-part series thus far? This is the fifth one and it includes my tried-and-true hierarchy for making protein choices. Since we are eating the flesh (and the fat) of that animal or the egg from that animal, what it ate and how it lived affects us…

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Episode 054: Can’t Get Rid Of Your Belly Fat No Matter What You Do? Listen To This Before You Go On Another Diet.


I used to restrict some calories, run a few miles, and lengthen my nightly slumber for a week or so and the inches would just melt away. That is until I hit the 40-year milemarker. Then.. all bets were off. It was as if my body was no longer 𝘮𝘺 body. What used to work…

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Episode 053: Why Your Waistline Expands In Perimenopause And What To Do About It


If you’re a woman in midlife and your waistline is expanding, your energy is plummeting, and all-in-all you just don’t feel like “you”, please hear this: 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙣𝙤𝙩 𝙗𝙧𝙤𝙠𝙚𝙣. You’re most likely in perimenopause. This very natural stage in your life coupled with a common metabolic issue, added to the constant state of stress…

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Episode 052: The Number One Reason Midlife Women Seek My Help And Why It Bums Me Out


If you’re face-to–face with the reality that you don’t like what you see in the mirror and you’re upset because you can’t get into the clothes you used to wear, I have good news.  The 12-Step Strategy I’m sharing with you in this 8-part podcast series is a roadmap for correcting the underlying factors.  Correct…

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Episode 051: Breaking Out Of Self-Judgment Purgatory When You’re A Midlife Woman In Business


As time passes and you’ve intently focused on your career, you may have unintentionally taken your eye off your health and wellbeing.  It’s not unheard of when we’re dedicated to our work.  What we intend to be a brief diversion can turn into years when we’re in hot pursuit of our goals and dreams. If…

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Episode 050: The Menopausal Monkey Mind. And How To Keep Her Focused.


Our monkey mind is another term for our perpetual thoughts.  Think of it as the chattering monkey of our internal monologue.  This constant chattering is the thought trail that plays in the background of our daily life.  When our monkey mind is left to her own devices, she takes our focused mind on a detour as…

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