Episode 057: Leave The C.R.A.P. On The Grocery Store Shelf

If we stop buying it, they’ll stop selling it.  

The C.R.A.P. that is. 

C = chemicals your grandparents wouldn’t have in their own kitchen.
R = refined sugar and grains.
A = artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, etc.  
P = processed in any way. 

We are literally subsidizing our demise as taxpayers.  Our tax dollars support the policies that have zero interest in our health, nor that of the Earth and all its other inhabitants.  

All the hype about our current and future “food shortage” and “supply chain” issues isn’t referring to real food.  Its referring to processed food (a.k.a. C.R.A.P.).  

You can opt out of the madness.  

It may take a little time and I guarantee it will take some effort, but it is worth every bit of both!  

In this episode I share how to leave the C.R.A.P. on the grocery store shelf, in turn opting for real food that tastes really good!  

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