Episode 054: Can’t Get Rid Of Your Belly Fat No Matter What You Do? Listen To This Before You Go On Another Diet.

I used to restrict some calories, run a few miles, and lengthen my nightly slumber for a week or so and the inches would just melt away.

That is until I hit the 40-year milemarker. Then.. all bets were off.

It was as if my body was no longer 𝘮𝘺 body. What used to work to shed a few (or several) pounds no longer worked. In fact it seemed like it just added more to what I was trying to lose.

After a few years of struggle, and to be honest, some “mean girl” inner talk, I finally cracked the code.

I did it with real food. And a handy little inborn magical metabolic setting that costs absolutely nothing. Because it is technically “nothing”.

It is fasting.

No, not the type that requires willpower.

It’s the type that taps into your energy in reserve (your body fat) to fuel your body through everything you need and want to do, while taking your brain to its happy place!

I fast in accordance with my cycle and I must say, since doing this, my #mentalhealth has been the best it has ever been! Seriously, right smack dab in the middle of perimenopause and I’m clearer than ever, more grounded than ever, and more jazzed about the future, than ever!

Ask anyone who knows me… I love to fast!! Almost as much as I love to eat good food. (This girl likes her food! Like, a lot.)


In this week’s UNconventional Wisdom Newsletter, I break down what is at work behind the metabolic scenes. I’ll throw down some nerd talk and some real talk.

Here’s an excerpt from this episode:

“You are not broken. You are not lazy. And you are not destined to “be fat” forever.

Your body’s fuel gauge is wonky. Your insulin level is out of whack. Your body has selective hearing when it comes to insulin. And there is good news…you can fix it. The bad news is YOU have to fix it.

There is no pill (or injection) that will fix your body’s dysfunctional relationship with insulin. But Big Pharma will tell you differently.

“There’s A Pill For That”

Big Pharma wrings their hands with delight when it comes to the midlife woman. They’ve been spouting their pills-a-plenty promises our way since our first periods.

It was at that point that we became a “target market” and a rather profitable one. They’ll hurl one pill or another at us with empty promises to decrease this and increase that.”

Listen the full episode for the scoop on your body’s fuel gauge and how you can optimize its performance. 

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