Episode 004: “Have You Seen My Metabolism? I Could Swear I Just Had It.”

Have you ever misplaced something and looked frantically for it everywhere you could think to look? That’s what many a midlife woman feels toward her energy, her ability to shed a few pounds and her libido.

In this podcast episode, “Have You Seen My Metabolism? I Could Swear I Just Had It.”, we will start the five-part conversation tackling many things metabolism, specifically for the midlife woman. I want to dial it back to the basics and prepare you for rolling into 2022 and proclaiming it as the year you END the war with your body…how does that sound?

No more Diet rollercoaster, no more deprivation, no more negative body image…

Yes to MORE food freedom, yes to MORE enjoyment from food and social gatherings, and yes to MORE self-love and radical self-acceptance. You deserve to be loved…by you.

This is Part One in the five-part series “Demystifying the Metabolism… Why It ‘Slows Down’ In Midlife And What You Can Do About It. (No ‘Detox In A Box’ Required.)”

In this podcast series, I aim to demystify the human metabolism and introduce you to the tools to help you upgrade your Metabolism with real food. No pills, powders, potions nor salves on the menu! Seriously, no overpriced supplements required. What. So. Ever.

Now let me say something here…the end goal is not skinny in my book. The end goal is metabolic health. We come in all shapes and sizes, as determined by our genetics. Just as whether we have curly hair or straight. We can be metabolically healthy in every single shape and size, to a certain extent. When you’re healthy metabolically, you are headed toward a long and vibrant life. THAT is the end goal.

Let’s kick off the series with “Have You Seen My Metabolism? I Could Swear I Just Had It!”