Episode 015: Resilience And The Role Peter Gabriel Plays In Mine

Peter Gabriel songs pepper the soundtrack of my life.  

“Don’t Give Up” is among my favorite songs of all time.  The depth of emotion in the lyrics, the heaviness in the pregnant pauses. His voice. Hers.  

It gets me every time.  

One song of his that pops into my head a fair amount as of late is, “Shock The Monkey”.  I can’t help but belt out a line or two when typing “drunken monkey” as I write about resilience.  “Shock The Monkey” doesn’t fit my current topic of resilience, but “Don’t Give Up” sure does, especially this line:

”Don’t give up, no reason to be ashamed.”  

I marinated in shame for most of my life.  It has taken decades to realize this fact and years to open the wounds to self-examination so I can avail to them what will help them heal.  This has been among the most painful things I’ve done to date.  And the most rewarding.

“Don’t Give Up” is all about resilience, as I experience it.  

Resilience is an essential trait for the modern midlife woman no matter the roles she plays in life.  It is an essential piece of our daily M.O.  A Modus Operandi is a particular way or method of doing something, especially one that is characteristic or well-established.  It can be habitual or deliberately thought through to break the cycle and establish a new habit.  

In this article we’ll explore a few principles to help us become more resilient as we do this thing called life!  

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