Episode 009: The “Brain Bliss Trifecta” With A Most Welcome Mental Health Side Effect.

Look around, mental health issues are steadily on the rise.  You can’t scroll your social media feed without some reference to mental health. Depression and anxiety are more prevalent than ever.  Many midlife women are afflicted by some variation of mental health issues…could what we eat help our brain function and feel better? 

I say “Yes, you betcha!”  As do many of those researching how the blissful metabolic state of nutritional ketosis affects the brain and many things mental health. 

While many limit the mental health field to psychiatry, there are neurological components to many mental health disorders.  At the hub of your neurological system is your brain. The brain is a very powerful tool and it needs fuel to carry out its many functions. 

I dive into the pool of brain bliss that is nutritional ketosis in this episode.  Grab your suit and join me!  

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