Episode 011: This Is Jet Fuel For The Body & Brain, But You Can’t Buy It Anywhere.

Life as we know it can be stressful to say the least. Add to it the breakneck speed at which most of us operate, and it’s no wonder we have to jolt ourselves with caffeine or a sugar high multiple times a day.

We jump from one thing to another because we’re always behind the 8-ball with a never-ending row of deadlines in our future. Just when we think we’ve got it all handled, life hands us a reminder we do not, nor will we ever.

It’s often pure chaos.

It is easy to think you will feel invigorated if you just get some extra sleep, or a vacation. So why is it that even on the weekends, or possibly after some time away, we still feel rotten and exhausted?

All signs point to what we eat to provide fuel to our body and brain.

Learn how to energize both in this powerful episode of The Unraveling Together Podcast.