Episode 031: Cleaning Up The Metabolic Mess

You wouldn’t start a home makeover without taking out the trash. Nor would you redecorate your renovated home with tattered items on the verge of falling apart.

Your body feels the same way toward its healing process.

Healing any part of the human body starts with healing at a cellular level. It’s a process and a lengthy one at that. It is NOT an overnight thing by any stretch of the imagination.

In this episode, I’ll share simple tips to help you stack the healing deck in your favor.

We can start the healing process, in essence clean up the metabolic mess, with the following four actions. Think of them as moving parts. Like cogs ⚙ in the machine. Each is helpful on it’s own, but when working in tandem we really get somewhere. Please note, you can start doing every single one of these now. No need to wait for a special occasion, or the first of the month. Put a plan in place and get to work!

Just in case their fancy marketing has you wondering, you cannot substitute any of these steps with a detox program that you buy from your neighbor.

Just as toxins accumulate causing a negative, their removal adds up to create a positive effect on the overall system that is YOU/HQ.

You don’t need anything but some real, nutrient-dense food (I share the type to prioritize herein) and a solid commitment to bucking the “diet dogma” promoted by the Obesity Profiteers and their minions at Big Food. Or would we consider the Obesity Profiteers the minions…? Things that make you go “Hmmmm”.

When your cells are healing and that tipping point starts to correct itself, your body is now free to flip it’s fuel switch in order to burn that fat instead of using it as a toxic waste dump. AND, drumroll please…when you go low enough on the sugar/carb continuum, you force your metabolic engine to burn fat in lieu of the sugars/carbs that were once so readily available. It’s a brilliant biohack.

Your body is designed to burn fat.

In fact, it wants to burn fat. But as stated earlier, your body has to be able to release that fat because it no longer needs to cling to it as a buffer between life and death stuff (your brain, heart, lungs…) and the amassing toxic waste dump.

This is why we start here, cleaning up the metabolic mess! If you don’t clean up the environment you cannot truly rebuild your metabolism.

If you want to level-up not only your understanding of how your body works, but you want to start making choices more aligned with those that are good for humanity and our planet, plug into my ecosystem.

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App mentioned for personal care products: EWG’s Healthy Living app (EWG = Environmental Working Group, a US-based nonprofit). LINK: https://www.ewg.org/apps/