With A Rebel Yell, She Cried “No! No, More!” — A Perimenopausal Battle Cry

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How do we go about separating ourselves from our pasts?  Those parts of our lives that we want to leave in the past so we can take the lesson, yet leave the pain experienced.   This is a question we answer together when you choose me as a sage guide along your journey.  For today, please sit a spell so we can talk this out in UNconventional Wisdom fashion… Whether you purchase my upcoming book or join the…

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Why Your Waistline Expands In Perimenopause And What To Do About It (HINT: It Isn’t “Eat Less & Move More”.)

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If you’re a woman in midlife and your waistline is expanding, your energy is plummeting, and all-in-all you just don’t feel like “you”, please hear this: you are not broken.  You’re most likely in perimenopause.  And that very natural stage in a woman’s life coupled with a common metabolic issue, added to the constant state…

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The Menopausal Monkey Mind.  And How To Keep Her Focused.

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Being “in the present” sounds like it should be easy.  Right? Just be “here”. Wherever “here” may be for you.     I mean you’re already physically “here”, so put ‘er in Park and be in the moment.   Easier said than done.   “Ugh…why is it so dang hard to truly be present?”   It’s not necessarily physically difficult. …

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“I’ve Done Everything Right! Why Do I Feel So Empty Inside?”

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We can choke down the feelings of emptiness for only so long.   There comes a point in life when many of us feel a gnawing emptiness inside. It’s not the “lack of something” kind of empty, it’s the type of emptiness that takes up all the available space until it can no longer be ignored. And when it is ignored, it manifests as anger and anxiety, and ultimately illness and disease. …

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