Bacon-Wrapped Egg Cups

Bacon Wrapped Egg Cups

Servings: 12 Prep & Cook Time:  30-40 minutes You can cut this time down to approximately 25 minutes by batch cooking a couple pounds of bacon at a time and storing in the refrigerator to use when you make your egg cups.  Keep them bendy so you can wrap the sides of your cup pan. You…

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“But Doc…how will I live without my bread & pasta?” (Zoodle Tutorial)

Recipe Zoodle Tutorial

If you’re like 99.999% of those considering low-carb eating, you’ll have one very pressing question.  Along with a hint of panic in your voice you’ll ask… “How will I live without my bread and pasta Doc!” Good question…I’ll tackle the pasta this week and bring on the low-carb bread alternatives in a future post. Here’s a simple visual tutorial on making my favorite low-carb alternative for pasta. Today, I’ll…

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Bacon Wrapped Scallops with Butter Sauce

Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Dear Mark at You had me at “Bacon”…and sealed the deal with “Butter”.  Love on a platter! XOXO Me Recipe source: Servings: 2 if you feel like sharing the love…if not, I won’t tell.  Lips = sealed. Prep & Cook Time:  30 minutes or less…a little longer if you don’t have a cooked bacon stash. …

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