With A Rebel Yell, She Cried “No! No, More!” — A Perimenopausal Battle Cry

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How do we go about separating ourselves from our pasts?  Those parts of our lives that we want to leave in the past so we can take the lesson, yet leave the pain experienced.   This is a question we answer together when you choose me as a sage guide along your journey.  For today, please sit a spell so we can talk this out in UNconventional Wisdom fashion… Whether you purchase my upcoming book or join the…

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Leave The C.R.A.P. On The Grocery Store Shelf

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We’re exposed to ungodly amounts of toxins from eating and drinking.   Buyer Beware When you buy something that comes in some type of packaging, consider the following:   How is it packaged (think single-use plastic)?   How is it processed (how many words have no vowels and numbers with commas, think chemicals)?  How will you prepare the…

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How Doing Absolutely Nothing Is Everything When It Comes To Jumpstarting Your Sluggish Midlife Metabolism

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Jumpstarting a sluggish metabolism in your 40s and beyond isn’t easy.  But it’s not all that difficult either.   It takes a variation on a theme that may be unique to you, but it is just a variation on a pretty consistent theme. All-in-all it is a two-fold process.   We Start With a Two-Fold Process One part is to decrease the glucose coming in; the second is to burn up what’s already locked away in the body.  …

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